Клипы - Aerosmith Chip Away the Stone Edmonton 2010

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Steven Tyler talking about ME (I requested this at the meet and greet, which is why I start freaking out as he's describing me...He says, Somebody out there was so in love - we met at the meet and greet before...and he, not unlike me, was going through a rough patch. Only way he could straighten it out was to listen to this dumbass song on the radio called Chip Away the Stone. So wer're doing this for you, doing this for you. Now where's he at? Where's he at? This is why he came!" which is where I'm screaming "Steven! STEVEN!! THAT'S ME!!"
He pointed at me , but it's not in the vid because I had my hands clasped together in the "thank you", and dropped my camera (thank goodness for wrist straps!!) Anyway, while the talking may be shaky at times, the song itself recorded pretty good..So, from the front row, I give you the greatest song by the greatest band in all the land....
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