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'Your Life's on the Line' appears in his first three studio albums: originally, track 5 on his 2000 unreleased album Power of the Dollar, track 7 in his 2002 compilation album Guess Who's Back? and, as a bonus track, track 19 on his 2003 commercial debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Allmusic stated in the review of Power of the Dollar that the song "conveys street life through hard, violent rhythms".The song contains a diss to Ja Rule and Murder Inc. Records for saying that 50 Cent robbed Ja Rule of his jewellery and setted it up, which he shouts "Murda" repeatedly in the chorus, and mentions rappers Jay-Z and Nas. The lyrics: "We ain't buddies, we aint partners, and we damn sure ain't friends", were later used in his song "Get In My Car" from his 2005 album The Massacre.
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