Клипы - 50 cent ready for war 2007 curtis (yes its fake) my point

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this song aint jus half of the 1 uve heard i found the propa bit heres the lyrics:( I got a hand gun habit, nigga front i'll let ya have it,
When the shots go off cops sayin 50 back at it,
I'm alergic to the feathers on these bird ass niggas,
Front and i'll put ya brains on that curbed fence nigga,
I ain't a marksman my spark and i'll spray shit,
Enough rounds for the Hk i don't play bitch,
Move like i'm militant back on that gorilla shit,
Moody, disrespectful, i'm ruley but niggas can't move me,
I squeeze till i run outta ammo, if it's a problem it's handled,
I'll have your people pourin' out liquor and lightin' candles,
You fuck around i'll blow your brains on my new york times,
Run home turn to the sports section and read your mind,
It's crystal clear you should feel when that gat bust,
First it's crime scene tape then you end up in that black hurst,
We don't go to funerals but we'll go to your wake fam,
View your body all banged up, you made a mistake man. )
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