Клипы - #5 Guru vs. #4 Busta Rhymes :: The Best Rapper Alive Tournament (Guru WINS 13-5)

# 97674

Категория ролика: Busta rhymes клипы

Guru of Gangstar, who narrowly beat Cam'ron in his last round matchup, now looks to take on Busta
Rhymes who also narrowly defeated Q-Tip in his lat round matchup. This lyrical battle should be one
of the best in all the tournament. Cast a vote.
Remember to cast your vote in the form of a new comment, and replies to other votes are welcomed, all I ask is you reply to them directly by hitting "reply" under their comment instead of starting a
new one.
For more information on the HipHop/Rap Battle Tournament project, visit my channel and subscribe.
For the tournament brackets and seedings, click this link...
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