Клипы - 2Pac ft Keyshia Cole-Play your cards right

# 81502

Категория ролика: 50 Cent клипы

Created by myself
Another shady mission
tricks...Like watchin pictures in hazy vision
tonight its love makin
take you any place you wish
today we satisfy
?and play with stolen kisses
blind insanity
perfect pictures of me and my family
not understanding the destiny that they plan for me
if I have kids will I live to see them grow
though I don't know, I live the life of a thug nigga
until the day I go
no broken promises
a sacred bond broken
I know I'll die alone
but yet and still im hopin
visions of prisions
maybe ill be forgiven
I know its better in heaven cuz being here aint livin
close my eyes and see nothin but pain
the worlds crazy
still lookin for a queen to plant seeds and have babies
maybe I'll be the one
or just maybe I'm lost
you'll never know being cautious
if you play your cards right
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