Клипы - 2Pac f. Danny Boy - I Ain't Mad at Cha (Official HQ Music Video)

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Instead of applying the album version of this music video as I had it, I downloaded the radio edited version of the track. It was the way the video was shot and they way I think it ought to be heard.

The video also features Bokeem Woodbine portraying 2Pac's friend in the video while Danny Boy, another Death Row artist who made a lot of contributions to All Eyez On Me, sings the hook. Bokeem had a minor role in the movie Gridlock'd, on of the last films 2Pac completed before his death. Great movie, see it if you haven't!

Yes, I like the album version of the song, but you can have just as much to like about the radio edit, especially the last verse of 2Pac's that you never heard on the album released version. This is radio safe if you want to call it that, but you can see what 2Pac did to make it that way. It's cool. Enjoy.
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