Клипы - 2pac - Don't Call Me, Bitch (unreleased)

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2pac - Don't Call Me, Bitch. Unreleased track.
Dont call me bitch, punk niggas and all fakers
weak mufuckas aint nothin but playa haters.
fakers, and all you ever did was hold me down,slow me down
but everybody knows me know
so what you do is sit and think of a plot.
how the hell can we make money off a nigga like 2pac.
this shit dropped and it got me hot.
niggaz smiled like a bitch, why i gave you props.
i should have saw it at the tip off.
but you was riding my dick a little bit and wouldnt get off.
so i couldnt see the real mission.
cause you smile in my face, and when i leave straight dissin.
what my partna told me. yo pac watch yo back everybody aint ya homey.
should have saw you at the front as a fake.
a envinous snake ready to take my fuckin plate.
guess ill never have a friend like this
i clunch my fist and let it end like this.
and we can handle it the way we must.
but its dust for a nigga that betrays my trust.
dont call me bitch.
[Chorus] x 2
dont call me
dont call me bitch
You try to be lady like.
you were your clothes so tight that you excite the shady type.
and at night girl wants to get freaky.
when i see you in the daytime youre squeaky.
clean,what i mean is ya cant be a fean for the green
and expect to get treated like a queen.
cause the brothas on the block aint havin it
let your fatass pass lil scandlous bitch.
i came equipted with some shit to get ya tipsey.
cause a bitch is a bitch she will use any trick to get me.
and last year i use to be acquaint.
runnin around sayin trust a bitch but now i caint.
in 92 im living heartless.
tryin to make a million out of 14 tracks so dont start shit.
niggaz need to mind they own.
cause the time is on for them to find own.
jock a nigga cause he did a major flick.
now your mad cause i wont let you page me bitch.
dont call me bitch.
[Chorus] x 2
I just got paid, but i remaine true to my trade
i worked all i can slave, guess ill rap to the grave
its like a rope, i hung it cause i knew i was dope.
i learned from street fools and junk, i learned to take notes.
never surrender, that was my motto as i keep strong
sucka asses for too long, critics i will prove wrong.
no one would listin, they was dissin.
my ryhmes wouldnt stay strong they said, somthin was missin.
clame that i was radical, cause i was true to the streets.
but the streets been true to me too.
how the fuck would i look if i changed.
actin strange cause i got a lil fame.
aint that bitch, i was born in a beat down shack.
aint no turnin back and now im makin stacks.
and ever since the movie.
hoes want me to pop that coochie.
everytime it suits me.
and still im the same. i havent changed my name.
still pledge alliegance to the game.
pledge my life to the ghetto ways, do whatever it takes to get paid a day.
refuse to loose, never smoke crack, a mack is a nigga wit the biggest sack.
so baby pick a winner, dont die and swear.
as long as thats your hair ill take you there
dont call me bitch.
[Chorus] x 2
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