Клипы - 12. I'm Going Bananas - The Girlie Show

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Madonna performing her song I'm Going Bananas, at the GS - live down under.
Hola! Ese bato loco!
I'm going bananas
And I feel like my poor little mind
is being devoured by piranhas
For I'm going bananas
I'm non compos mentes
And I feel like a tooth being drilled a nerve being killed by a dentist
For I'm non compos mentes
Who knows
Could be the tropic heat
Or something that I eat
That makes me gonzo
I do carry on so
for I'm going bananas
Someone book me a room
in the hot haciendo
with all my mananas
For I'm going bananas
I'm going meshuga
All day long there's a man in my brain incessently playing booga wooga
But I'm going meshuga
There's bats in my belfry
Won't you make sure
this straight jacket's tight
Otherwise I might get myself free
Yes there's bats in my belfry
Who knows
Could be the wine I drink
Or it's the way I think
That makes me gonzo
Oh Doctor Alonzo says
I'm going bananas
Someone get me a bed
in the Casa de Loco for all my mananas
For I'm going bananas
Yes I'm going bananas
Si I'm going bananas
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