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Sooo whats upp every body :D
here is a new video, i havent make effect filled videos in awhile, i hope this one is okay, miley's new song its inspiring, her new music is just really amazing, wrecking ball video is.. kind of different to her old videos, is not my favorite, but she looks really beautiful on it, umm, i know miley has chenged alot, but she is still my favorite singer, he last performances were so shocking, but never mind, i dont really care, i still love her.

i did i video with this song, because i can relate to some of the lyrics, and as you see i obviouslly got inspiration from laura's (xxwildbubbles) video, because i really really loved it, i hope she doesnt get mad xD (love you lau)

and.. that's it, hope you enjoy :)

song: wrecking ball - Miley Cyrus
pngs: deviant art
Font: brain flower
Fandom: Miley ray cyrus
Coloring: mine
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