Клипы - #015 (M.R.C) im criticized but all your bullets ricochet (SUPPORT)

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Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

miley has been really critized all her life , for everything. and i hate the haters. miley is a gorgeous person. and no matter what everyone says, no matter her haircut, she will always be unique and gorgeous. there is no reason to hate someone you dont know, there is no reason to say things you dont know they're true. how would you feel? how would it be for you to have thousands of hater and not knowing why they hate you?
miley has always been my role model. hannah montana changed my childhood, she might not be HM anymore, but she is still an awesome person. someone who is strong and follows her dream. i love her and no matter what she says. she is PERFECT :)

so, i hope you like this video, i worked pretty hard on it smile i love the voiceovers i found and i love how miley talks about perfection and mistakes. this video is slow, but i never got the chance to make a support video before, i hope you comment and thumbs up.

ALL the tweets , facebook comments and youtube comments are real. the supportive ones, and the hateful ones. i kept the names, so if you want to insult the ones who tweeted bad things about miley, go ahead.

Song: Titanium - Madilyn Bailey
Coloring: eva675
Clips: LOL(movie) , Live at the O2, HM the movie, The last song, interviews, phootoshoots.
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