Клипы - #014 [DUBSTEP] My universe, will never be the same # Miley Cyrus

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Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

god, i miss editing so much. i FINALLY got some inspiration to make a video. i mean, a REAL video. and AGAIN its a miley cyrus video xD i dont know.. she just fits ALL the songs. i wanted to make taylor momsen, but i didnt find any song good for her, well.. changing the topic.
i dont like the new videos style at all. they all look the same, no-one has originality anymore, videos use boring slow songs, or lame effects. just a few editors keep up with the originality, but then others go and copy them. im kinda getting bored of the new yt :/

sorry, i dont wanna offend anyone, its just the way i think. i know vidding is a way to express yourself, and be creative, so if people put afford in their videos and put feelings on them. i guess its fne the make videos like those.

SONG: glad you came - the wanted
Fandom : Miley Ray Cyrus
Effects: mine :)
colorings: TheBineokeley97 and mine
software: saony vegas 9.0
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