Клипы - #013 STEREO LOVE || miley cyrus

# 39251

Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

long time no video?? i know.. i havent make a effect filled video since.. chirstmas! 2 months. im soo sorry. i am like.. WITH 0% inspiration. sad this video is for chaotichypnotic round contest. it sucks. i havent practice alot with SV. xD but i wanted sth sth original. not the typical ikewii style. or xdinosuicide or xxsunsweett or that eyeball everyone is doing :P or using an overused song xD soo.. here is my vid xD hhaha it is not SOO good. but i pretty liked it :P i wanted to improve myself.

song: stereo love dubstep remix
Fandom : miley cyrus
clips: miley live at the O2 arena.
coloring: californiagirls01 and ME :P

-lots of love
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