Клипы - #011 [miley cyrus] i know, he knows, she knows, we know

# 39253

Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

:) hello there smile how's everyone doing smile ? im totally unismpired. but ths idea popped up in my mind :P i pretty liked it :D

i know its my "simple style" kind of vid xD but i really like it. because it doesnt look flashy or so xD and i usually use really girly songs XD

laugh i love miley and the white BG makes it look a lil.. chirstmas-ish? xD i hope you like the vid

dedicated to the most beautiful and amazing girls on earth
MAJO (mileysweetfanforever) and FLOR (justafeelingx3)

-juliana :D

Song: Changin' me - candy groves (idea: VanessaxKiss16)
Coloring: californiagirls01 + gradient overlay
Effects: ME laugh :D
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