Клипы - #010 Diamonds will be shinning for a million years [miley cyrus]

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HAPPY BDAY MILES!! laugh i love you! you are one of my favorite female singers and actresses laugh you are gorgeous, funny, nice, friendly laugh im just soo proud of what you've become joke :D 19 years old?? wow laugh that's alot xD i've been loving you since you were a little 14 year old girl being hannah montana :P and i really loved that :D

okay... about the video... i know what you will say... shooother? again?? you are losing originality ..
well.. I KNOW. its not original at all, to remake videos . BUT her video was just TOO awesome. and as soon as she uploaded the coloring tutorials. I HAD to remake her video. because she is just WAAAY tooo EPIC fr people to not reconize her. she had over 5000 subscribers, and she lost them all. now she just has less than 2000. and its not fare. so if you go now and subscribe her. i'll love you FOREVER and EVER laugh and i'll give you a cookie
AND about the video. i stared making it.. LOONG time ago.. but i stopped. like and in october i started making it again. and stoppend again... and like.. 2 weeks ago.... i FINALLY decided to finish it. so i could upload it for miley's bday laugh cuz she is my rolemodel laugh

(if you read till here type "i want a diamond ring" in your comment)

i know... her video is 1002 times better.. and.. sorry.. i dont have light blenders. so i couldnt do some effects xD i looked for the sparkles. but i didnt have them either. so ... i used the most similar ones xD and also the fonts :P i had no idea what fonts did she used xD anyways... CARLOTTA.. you know now.. im YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN xD

Colorings : all of them in shooother's channel
Fonts: Arial, impact, english, assesine.
Pictures: alot of places. miley cyrus fansites. and some of them, some picture packs (zip) i downloaded from tutorial channels (i have around 3200 pics of miley)
Videos: promo for much music awards 2010, who owns my heart. the last song, fly on the wall, 7 things.
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