Клипы - #009 [M.C] Who's hot, tell me who's really balling

# 39255

Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

:) heey... i know.. this video is simple.. and its not my best.. but i enjoyed doing it.. smile i love this song.. i hope it doesnt get copyrighted, or i'll die xD anyways. i was going through the 3.188 pics of miley, and i found some really nice pics. and not that overused ones xD so.. i descided to make this vid.. as i said. is simple. but i like it :P :)

i'd like to dedicate this to majo smile its actually the first video i do, without telling her, or asking her opinion. (i always chat with her by backberry msn) laugh and latelly, we dont talk like we used to. soo yeah.. i'd like to dedicate this to her :D
i love you majo laugh

sub majo ir i'll kick your ass


Song: Me - Dev
Coloring: ME :D
Fandom: DUHH, miley cyrus :D
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