Клипы - #005 Miley & Liam -- The Perfect Two

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Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

:) READ??? -------------------------- -crappy thumbnail- i love miam smile i love them so much smile i work like 3 days on this video, it turns out good, , its the longs video i've done, it was supposed to be 1 minute, but i lost my inpiration... anyways enjoy

im thinking about leaving, maybe i keep uploading some vids, REAL vids, cuz i love vidding, but i quit like 9 collab channels, because i hate C-parts, and i dont know.. all this youtube thing.. its not that fun... soo yees... im "kinda" leaving.. and maybe not forever, but i fight daily with my mom, and its all because im on the computer ALL day...

{thanks to: } MileySweetFanForever, beller1daantje, xxfirefliesxxx, demixheartsxyu, MissMarMar1, iblizt96, WhoaOblivious, chaotichypnotic (BECAUSE THEY READ THE DESC OF MY LAST VIDEO )

byy thee waay: coloring by ynessy :)
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