Клипы - #004 Miley Ray Cyrus } WoO hoO

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Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

[edit: crappy thumbnail :/] if you read all the desc. you'll get a cookie / Comments = Juli Happy smile --- well.. i want to say.. thanks for +1100 subscribers, never in a million yeaars, i imagined than i would reach even 800, and now.. 11OO you are more than A W E S O M E

Sorry for this video, its not good at all, i mean.. i tried to be original.. but i got a weird style xd i like some parts in the video.. but i also hate some parts .. hmm idk xd what do u think? btw.. i'd LOVE to make an epic slow video.. but i suck even more at those xd :)

well... its been.. MONTHS since a do a ONLY miley REAL video (not a promo or collab part) smile .. what can i say about this video.. well.. the clips.. idk.. there are some that got like pixelated.. idk why? because they were good, in the windows media player--- i was really sad.. because my STUPID computer.. has something bad.. and i thought it was my SV.. but NOOO.. it was my pc.. cuz i RE-installed, vegas pro 9, and i have never and still dont have titler pro-type, or soft contrast, so i think ill have to format my pc.. i'd lost all my pics and clips.. but, i think its better than giving up xd ill have to wait... for my borther, or someone PRO xd

If you read all the desc. please type "yumm chocolate rocks" in your comment xd smile i will dedicate my next video to the first 5 people that type that xd smile uhmm.. idk thanks for watching and reading :)

coloring: ynessy, inesimoees (both candycolorings)
song: woohoo - christina aguilera ft nicki minaj
fandom: miley ray cyrus :)
Program: sony vegas + Spicemaster+ new blue FX
font: pea weenie
thanks to majo smile mileysweetfanforever smile for helping me with ideas xd
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