Клипы - #003 HEY! Boy, I really wanna be With You [ Bieber/Cyrus ]

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Категория ролика: Miley Cyrus - клипы

[can u comment? i love comments XD :D] AND THIS VIDEO IS FOR MY 900 SUBSCRIBBERS laugh THANK U SO MUCH, Sorry..., i hate use overused songs , but.. this song.. is the only exception XD , really.. I LOVE THIS SONG laugh and i was.. checking my homepage, and Inesimoees's video was there, and i saw it... and BOOOM! i mean.. that videoo is so amazing, that i decided to make a video with this song XD.. im trying new effects, and i didnt use a colorfull backdround.. :P so its "kinda" a different style, but i liked it.. one of my best, i think so.. smile hope you enjoy laugh (I SUPPORT MILEY AT THE 200%, SHE'S STILL ONE OF MY IDOLS)
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