Канберра - Winning the Fox Hunt (Experimental Sci-Fi Short Film)

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Категория ролика: Канберра

7 years ago an energy drink was released on the market called the Fox. It gave you not only energy but confidence. People started drinking 30 a day. No one could resist. They started refining the chemical and the world became addicts, junkies insatiable for a Fox hit.
A single man can remember the time before the Fox. He is searching for his mother while searching for another hit. He remembers everything except what happens next.


Pat Moonie as the Man
Sarah Golding as the Chef
Andrew Mottram as the Junkie
Jono White as the Transvestite
Odi as the Dog
Tim Stiles as the Robber


Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Christian Doran
Cinematography by Scott Wombey
Sound Recording and Design by Travis Dom
Boom by Belle Galpin
Camera Assistance by Morgan Sutton
Art Direction by Gerald Strapa
Video Effects by Rafael Florez


Winner of Best Film, Best Sound Design and Best Art Direction at
Lights Canberra Action 2012
Official Selection at the Zero Film Festival Canada, Screened in Montreal and Toronto
Official Selection at the Other Venice Film Festival, LA California
Official Selection at the Byron Bay International Film Festival, Queensland Australia
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