Канберра - Tax Enslavement - The FED was founded by Rome , The Vatican controls it all

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Skull & Bones in USA was created by The Jesuits , we find older Skull & Bones basements in Knights Templar Castles in Switserland watch @ 11:19

I'm still not sure if These British Bloodlines are truly Descendants of the Hebrew tribe Judea is still think its a lie to claim the Holy Land , but if anyone knows more , don't be a stranger.....
Britain is under Jesuit control since King George III
Indeed grow your own organic food , Monsanto GMO and Terminater seeds are a real threat to Humanity.
MONSANTO NWO Depopulation UN Agenda 21 - Terminater Seeds NO Fearmongering

All Bibles after 1850 are adjusted by the Catholic Church (Jesuits IHS) They have a bible prophecy agenda and the most extreme is The Christian Zionism Agenda (Jesuit Created - The Scofield Bible)
This explains The False Wars on Terror Perfectly , but don't get confused Zionism was created by Rome , just as they founded Israel.
Onward, Christian Zionists

Video by Grace Powers.
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