Канберра - New World Order - Bill Still vs Bill O'Reilly/Dennis Miller

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"Still Report # 74: The New World Order. Bill O'Reilly took a slap at those who believe that the New World Order is a bad thing. Bill Still responds.
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I have translated Still Report #74 - New World Order - into 20 different languages. Here is what you do to see it in subtitles in your language.
Click in the bottom line on the "CC" button. A pop-up menu will come up. Click on "Translate Captions - BETA".
A pull-down menu appears. The first choice is "Afrikaans -- Afrikaans". Click on it and all the other languages appear below it. Pull down to your language, then click on the "OK" button. Now the subtitles will appear in your language.
Please circulate this around to your friends. Let's see if we can get a big audience going all around the world. This is what you can do to help out.
Bill Still"
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