Канберра - National War Museum - Mosaic Beautifies Hall of Memory. Australian Colour Diary 3

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Every Anzac Day many gather at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra for services. Thousand of people visit the monument every year and part of what they see are the large mosaics depicting the military services of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Women's Services. Designed by artist Napier Waller the mosaics are the main feature in the Hall Of Memory. Four forty foot panels, one on each wall, are covered in tiny mosaic tiles with seventy different colours used and a total of six million pieces used overall. Each panel took about six months to complete "a labour befitting the solemnity and importance of this memorial". Waller was himself a veteran who served in WWI in France where he was injured and lost his right arm. He later taught himself to write and draw with his left hand. Made by the National Film Board 1957. Directed by Jack S Allan.

You can see more about the Australian War Memorial here:
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