Канберра - Landing VH-EOF (Cessna C172S) on Rwy18 at Wangaratta

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This is me flying as PIC. I was hoping for a greaser but got a bump instead, probably due to my somewhat high angle of approach, looks like about 50' over the threshold to me. The video was taken on Saturday, July the 3rd, 2010. The origin was Moorabbin airport, and the destination for the day was Sydney, Bankstown (YSBK). After taking off at around 10-11am, we hit a large bank of low(ish) cloud, getting down to around our minimum of 500 feet AGL, which prompted us to divert through the Kilmore gap, after which we pointed our nose at Albury with the intention of landing for a refuel. Instead, due to Albury being completely fogged up which we visually noticed within about 20 or so nautical miles, we had to again divert to Wangaratta (38nm, 70km from Albury) to wait it out. We landed at Wangaratta about 1pm, with 4 and a half hours of daylight left, and about 3 hours of flying to go.
Cessna 172S NAV III
Engine: Lycoming IO360 180BHP (2700RPM)
Avionics: Garmin G1000
Cruise: 110 Kts (204kph, 127mph)
MTOW: 2550lbs (1159kg)
Fuel: 201 Lt - [54 USG]
Burn: 36 Lt/hr [9.5 USG/hr] (Mixture Rich)
Range: 5h35m / 670Nm / 1240km / 770 miles
Service Celing: 14,000 Ft
Fixed Pitch propellor (Diameter: 76in, 190cm)
Cost (Standard G1000 Equipped): US_254,500 (Approx: AU_305,000)
Cost with everything: US_311,025 (Approx: AU_375,000)
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