Канберра - Landing VH-EOF (Cessna C172) on Rwy17 at Canberra Airport (YSCB)

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We eventually made it out of Wangaratta at about 2:30pm, with about 3 hours of daylight left, in other words, we were cutting it very close.
Our planned track was taking us around Canberra Class C airspace, however, near Goulburn (New South Wales) I (as PIC) decided that it was necessary to divert to Canberra as an arrival at our planned destination of Sydney, Bankstown (YSBK) would have not given us any buffer against last light (5:35-5:40pm).
At the time, I was not NVFR rated (I am now, for the record). The decision to divert occurred at about 4:30pm, about an hour before last light, and about 30 minutes ETA to Canberra, our unplanned destination. We were luckily vectored in by radar, and lined up on long final for Runway 17, holding up a Qantas 737 who had to wait for us to land before taking of, undoubtedly pissing off the pilots but given our circumstances there wasn't much I could have done about that.
Our wheels were on the ground at 5:20, about 15-20 minutes before last light, cutting it close, but still falling within all realms of legality. Due to the circumstances I encountered during the day, a diversion to Canberra was the best decision and I'm sticking to that, however it shows the danger of weather affecting a perfect flight plan, causing delays - which in turn can lead to the almost NVFR without a rating encroachment. I learned a lot from this flight!
Cessna 172S NAV III
Engine: Lycoming IO360 180BHP (2700RPM)
Avionics: Garmin G1000
Cruise: 110 Kts (204kph, 127mph)
MTOW: 2550lbs (1159kg)
Fuel: 201 Lt - [54 USG]
Burn: 36 Lt/hr [9.5 USG/hr] (Mixture Rich)
Range: 5h35m / 670Nm / 1240km / 770 miles
Service Celing: 14,000 Ft
Fixed Pitch propellor (Diameter: 76in, 190cm)
Cost (Standard G1000 Equipped): US_254,500 (Approx: AU_305,000)
Cost with everything: US_311,025 (Approx: AU_375,000)
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