Канберра - Hancock Basement - 'One In A Million Does' - Debut Music Video

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For their new single 'One in Million Does', Canberra indie poppers Hancock Basement embraced their love of hip-hop production -- without having to resort to rapping (trust us, that's something best left unheard).
Enlisting Aussie hip-hop knob twiddler D'Opus (of duo D'Opus and Roshambo), the band has crafted a big 'n' bouncy pop tune with call-response verses and an earworm chorus perfect for the Australian summer.
The lads have also filmed their debut music video for the track. Directed in Melbourne by up and coming auteur Jordan Prosser, with help from a crew including Assistant Director Jonathan Leahy (Moulin Rouge, The Matrix sequels), the video sees the band kidnapped and taunted by an evil record company executive and his posse of food-throwing minions.
"As well as featuring some spry production and oodles of easy indie charm, the 'One in a Million Does' single has a bad-arse video to boot, looking better than half the big budget videos that come out of this country currently."
-Hyperbole (Aus blog)
"Hancock Basement remains unencumbered by genre trends, moving forward with their own brand of pop weirdness, oooh-ahhhs, and general likeability."
-Knox Road (US blog)
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