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Blowing the whistle - whistleblower guidelines 1/2

Julian Assange is the main architect of the remarkably successful public interest project Wikileaks. This is a web-based platform for whistleblowers that offers a secure place to publish internal and often secret documents that disclose injustice, corruption and murder, in the public interest.

Wikieaks provides something entirely new. It provides a secure, military grade protection programme for whistleblowers which has enabled the safe transmission of important evidence to the public. So far, not one amongst the thousands of submissions in the public interest has been compromised or its author disclosed.

It's fair to say that Wikileaks has produced, in four years, as many scoops as any major newspaper has produced in their entire lifetime, and in a matter of just four years. The release of the footage from the Apache helicopter attacks on civilians and Reuters journalists, toxic waste dumping by Trafigura, emails on climate change from University of East Anglia, the major Peruvian oil scandal, are just a fraction of what WikiLeaks has been producing and an indication of what is yet to come.
Centre for Investigative Journalism's Summer School 2010
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