Канберра - Flying over Parliament House, Canberra, in a Cessna 172S (VH-EOF)

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Prior takeoff from Canberra Airport (YSCB) on the morning of the 4th of July, 2010, my friend - who was flying as Pilot In Command at the time - requested climbing orbits the Parliament House. That request was given clearance by Canberra Control, as the flight was to be conducted in Class C (Controlled Airspace), and also given the supposed (and expected) sensativities of flying an aircraft in such close proximity to one of the most important buildings in Australia. Having said that though, the only restricted airspace within the Surface to 3500' (SFC-3500) Class C airspace is a militarry firing range east of Mount Majura. There is no restricted airspace above Parliament House, nor is there any specific mention of any restrictions placed on flight around or over the building.
My friend conducted about 7 to 10 orbits around parliament while lazily climbing to 6500 feet before making our track back toward the airport and overflying for an eastbound departure.
Cessna 172S NAV III
Engine: Lycoming IO360 180BHP (2700RPM)
Avionics: Garmin G1000
Cruise: 110 Kts (204kph, 127mph)
MTOW: 2550lbs (1159kg)
Fuel: 201 Lt - [54 USG]
Burn: 36 Lt/hr [9.5 USG/hr] (Mixture Rich)
Range: 5h35m / 670Nm / 1240km / 770 miles
Service Celing: 14,000 Ft
Fixed Pitch propellor (Diameter: 76in, 190cm)
Cost (Standard G1000 Equipped): US_254,500 (Approx: AU_305,000)
Cost with everything: US_311,025 (Approx: AU_375,000)
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