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Day 4C -- Urgent Message for Australian Pastor -- HOW TO SPARK REVIVAL -- please forward url to all Pastors -- URGENT!
- There is a famine not for food but for the truth
- Only the truth lasts forever
- Be careful when you are running around for the truth, maybe the Lord is saying.. it is you!
- The churches that preach the truth will flourish
- It's the love of money that brought the church down
- The danger of spiritual hunger... people will eat anything
- There is a need for shepherd to stand up and preach righteousness until the Messiah comes
- Joel 2:28-32 The role of the later rain/anointing which is greater than the first
- Today's church should have greater anointing than the church in the day of the Pentecost
- If not there is something wrong with it. Right now the level of anointing is low
- Begin to purify YOU. You cannot keep waiting and waiting revival is here.
- Isaiah 26:19-21, The purpose of the church is to expose sin and compel the church into repentance revival
- Only REPENTANCE prepares the way for Christ
- REPENTANCE is the only gateway to the revival in AUSTRALIA
- We need to call for national repentance
- Even just one person, it will spark a revival

Please copy and forward this URL to your pastor and all pastors that you know. Please it is urgent.
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