Канберра - Dr Owour Teaching - Global Economic Crisis - Enoch.TV OW004B 26/1/12 Canberra Australia

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Day 4 Part B -- Summary Talk about the end time
- Only those at the point of rapture were living in holiness
- The majority will be left behind
- You cannot abuse salvation for the church is the holy vessel of the Holy Spirit
- The Global Economic Crisis will shake nation, people will stop depend on their own prosperity
- The Lord is demolishing prosperity of man so he can reach the heart of the developed man
- The earth is gradually ripening for the antichrist
- I have see the antichrist, but not allow ever to say who he is
- The enemy will counterfeit the Trinity, there will be a false prophet who will be institute the worship of the antichrist and the devil.
- There will be horrific earthquakes and terrible economic crisis after the rapture.
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