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We want you to create and share your version of our capital's own song, Canberra's Calling to You. As part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations, the NFSA is inviting the nation's musicians -- amateur and professional alike -- to get creative with this ditty.

This is the original version, written and recorded by Jack Lumsdaine in 1938. We want versions of Canberra's Calling to You in all musical genres and styles. You can sing along with the piano accompaniment, or create your own musical performance using the sheet music and chord charts. The original can be sampled and remixed, or a whole new recording made from a combination of these raw materials and your own creativity. Humorous adaptations or parodies are welcome.
Our curators will select some of their favourite versions to be added to the national collection.

To participate:
1. Read the Terms and Conditions of Participation Agreement which you agree to when you download resources or upload a video response. They're available at
2. Download resources including the original recording, lyrics, sheet music, simple chord chart and archival film footage of Canberra.
3. Record your own version of the song.
4. Shoot a video for it, or create one using the archival footage provided.
5. Upload the video to your YouTube channel.
6. Submit your clip as a 'video response' here. Just click on the comment box and select 'create a video response'.

Click on 'Video Responses' below to see a list of all the entries.
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