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Government amendments happened in 2003/2004 without telling the people and without the required State referendum under section 73 of
their Constitution, which would have activated a
Commonwealth referendum of electoral approval
Neither referendum happened -And the MEDIA were compliant in keeping it hidden from the public and will be charged with Treason -
Acts Amendment and Repeal
(Courts and Legal Practice) Act 2003
(No. 65 of 2003)
Part 8 — Amendments about the Crown
It was because of this concealment that Julia Gillard
was charged with TREASON and also 50 other people have been charged in connection with this matter.

The criminal charge remains pending but every
Attorney General within the Commonwealth of
Australia is committed to the instruction that Australia
must be handed over to the United Nations, with or
without the electors consent. These treacherous people who have acted against the interests of the Australian people are hoping the UN NWO will save them from prosecution if they can keep it out of the Courts long enough to the UN takeover. -
"Misprison of Treason is the concealment or
Keeping Secret of any Treason by a person who is
not a party or consenter to it"
"In order to constitute Misprison of Treason there
must, it is said, be a knowledge of the traitor as
well as of the treasonable design or offence"
"Concealment may in some cases amount to
evidence of assent or possibly of conspiracy, and in
such case the person concealing the Treason would
be liable as a principal"
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