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Brian Shaw part 2-7 Australian Commonwealth Constitution changed by Treasonable Acts To pave the way for a UN NWO takeover. All State Governments ordered to sell off the public assets and convert to a corporation for simple takeover. UN will abolish all States, and they plan to make Australia under ONE Republic Corporation control under the One World Government. At the next ELECTIONS the NWO and UN will try to deceive the public into accepting a 'PLEBISCITE' (tick the box) form to get a REPUBLIC through with deceipt and stealth and with a PAID COMPLIANT MEDIA push the NWO hope they will trick the Australian people. BRIAN SHAW has presented all the evidence and Government 'ACTS' enacted without a referendum, and without telling the people. The OATH of ALLEGIENCE to Queen, in breach of 'Section 44' - The Australia Act 1986 (No referendum held)
• In Western Australia in 2004 the Crown and
Oath of Allegiance was removed , but no referendum was held
• In Victoria the Oath of Allegiance was removed from the Legal Practice Act in 2000 without referendum

1. The total abolition of the right to own land
2. The abolition of existing States
3. For religious instruction, three religions must be present
at time of instruction
4. The legal right for cross -- examination in a court room
will be removed. TenCommandment Law base from the MagnaCarta and Bill of Rights will be replaced by the NOAHIDE LAWS, and no witness will be needed in any prosecution.
5. The whole banking system and money structure will be
altered. Current ___'s will be devalued. The Government will be bankrupted as with Argentina, Greece, Portugal, and other Countries.
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