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Bob Brown committing Treason
Bob Browns treason with his illegal plebiscite bill that removes the right to a referendum under the rules of constitution of Australia and replace it with a republic ,Totally illegal attempt to remove your rights liberties and freedoms to pave way for a UN communist dictatorship .
Brian William Shaw is a man that is fighting for every ones freedom in the Australian courts, a real HERO for all Australians to look upon, stand up Australia or live on your knees as a Coward, its time to make a choice tyranny or freedom.

The difference between a plebiscite and a referendum is a plebiscite is a glorified opinion poll , a referendum the details are on the table before, and not after you vote.
Browns Republic Bill does not attempt to determine what model should be adopted or what powers the head of state should hold or operational and governance issues.
Bob Browns bill read It, before anyone makes more outlandish claims.

Governments can hold advisory referendums to test whether people either support or oppose a Republic..
Clause 6 of browns bill provides that the process for holding the plebiscite would follow by a second Plebiscite by amending /modifying the Application of Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984
I urge every one to research my claims rather than just spending a few minutes going to wikipedia and looking up what a plebiscite is , they are both a method of vote yes , but they are 2 different methods of vote and in Australia there are no provisions for the plebiscite in constitution law for the obvious reasons explained below.
Here is the 1999 bill for a republic that failed , tell me can you find the word plebiscite in this bill?
Plebiscites have no basis in Australian Constitutional law. , discussion details will be only held after such a vote of support by the elector ,this is there TRICK.
From what I can gather only a discussion can be held AFTER an initial plebiscite vote for a Republic in favor of a yes vote ,only then a referendum will be held using a non binding second plebiscite vote and at that time you will get a choice of there models on what type of republic you want OR should I say what they want,,,A plebiscite is a non-binding poll that will be used to vote for a republic by deception.
In 1934 a plebiscite was held in Germany that supported the rise of Hitler
" Its a trick " your actual vote wont be a referendum vote with everything on the table from the word go ,rather it will be a NON transparent NON binding plebiscite vote.
The word plebiscite is NOT written in " Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 " or any constitution past present.
The False Left Right Paradigm this system will destroy us
It doesn't matter who one votes for because they are all working for the Federal Reserve Bank NEW WORLD ORDER that calls ALL the shots.
The Federal Reserve Bank, UN Communists ,Fabian Socialists , and the Freemasons are involved in a Coo by criminal politicians to secretly remove the good government of Australia, they are attempting to dissolve the crown law regarding estate , rewriting certain state constitutions removing your property rights illegally without referendum . Illegal laws are being made covertly to take your freedoms and rights away, and if this plebiscite gets a yes vote it will tidy up all the illegal activity or should I say cover up criminal acts of " TREASON ".? YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW AUSTRALIA.
Liberal, Labor, Greens are selling us out Australia
You have to wake up Australia Please.
Julia Gillard Concealing Treason there for committing treason.

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