Канберра - Banned in China - Little Rabbit, Be Good 'Kuang Kuang's Dream' 小兔乖乖 (English Subtitles)

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This animation was produced by Pi San, a Chinese animator and provocateur whose work does not fit in with Beijing's media message. His web animations are so popular that they often go viral before the government censors in Beijing can pull them down deleting links from social media sites. One of his most famous creations is a mischievous schoolboy named Kuang Kuang who he uses to address some of China's social and political issues. The animation depicts a dream Kuang Kuang had about a world in which rabbits are ruled by tigers. The symbolism is well known to the Chinese - the rabbits represent the population and the tigers are the authorities.

The animation begins as a soothing "greeting card" for the Chinese Year of the Rabbit and morphs into a nightmare of social injustices. Each of the indignities suffered by the rabbits reflects actual abuses of power. Only the ending is sheer fantasy: a violent uprising against the ruling tigers. The animation is estimated to have been watched by three to four million people over just two days before falling victim to the Great Firewall of China as the censors caught up with it. This animation might be the closest thing China has to the American animation series South Park.

Some explanations in this video:
Three-tiger Milk: From the origin Sanlu milk powder. In September 2008, it(Sanlu Group) was involved in an adulterated milk powder scandal, affecting some 294,000 Chinese infants and killing six. Their baby milk powder had been tainted with melamine, which can cause kidney stones and other complications. It received a bankruptcy order from Shijiazhuang Court on 24 December 2008, and several of its top managers were sentenced to long prison terms. (From Wikipedia: )

'Let all the heads leave first!': The 1994 Karamay fire (simplified Chinese: 克拉玛依大火; traditional Chinese: 克拉瑪依大火; pinyin: Kèlāmǎyī Dàhuǒ) is considered one of the worst civilian fires in the history of the People's Republic of China that occurred on December 8, 1994. A fire broke out in a theatre hosting 1,000 children and teachers in Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. During the fire, the students and teachers were ordered to remain seated to allow Communist Party officials to walk out first. The fire resulted in 325 deaths with 288 of them being school children. (From Wikipedia: )

Tiger Gang: Its origin is a sentence 'My dad is Li Gang'. The Li Gang incident occurred on the evening of October 16, 2010, inside Hebei University in Baoding in Hebei province, when a black Volkswagen Magotan traveling down a narrow lane hit two university students who were roller-skating. One of them, 20-year-old Chen Xiaofeng (陈晓凤), a student from Shijiazhuang at the Electronic Information Engineering College died later in hospital. The other victim, Zhang Jingjing, aged 19, remained in a stable condition, albeit suffering from a fractured left leg. The drunk driver, 22-year-old Li Qiming (李启铭), tried to escape the scene and continued driving to the female dormitory to drop off his girlfriend. When arrested by security guards, convinced his father's position would give him impunity, he shouted out: "Go ahead, sue me if you dare. My dad is Li Gang!" (From Wikipedia: )

Pi San
Beijing Hutoon Animation Company
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