Канберра - Australian Political Treason 7/14

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Brian William Shaw is a man that is fighting for every ones freedom in the Australian courts, a real HERO for all Australians to look upon, stand up Australia or live on your knees as a Coward, its time to make a choice tyranny or freedom.

The False Left Right Paradigm this system will destroy us
It doesn't matter who one votes for because they are all working for the Federal Reserve Bank NEW WORLD ORDER that calls ALL the shots.
The Federal Reserve Bank, UN Communists, and the freemasons are involved in a Coo by criminal politicians to secretly remove the good government of Australia, they are dissolving the law the constitution and the crown from Australia. Illegal laws are being made covertly to take your freedoms and rights away. YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW.
Liberal, Labor, Greens are selling us out Australia
You have to wake up Australia Please.
Julia Gillard Concealing Treason there for committing treason.

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