Канберра - Australia: Trojan 'National Identity Card'

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Get up to date on "TrapWire", the facial recognition technology that Senator Scott Ludlam is exposing in Australia.

1933-1945 Nazi Germany made citizens carry national identity papers. 1986 Australian Labor under Fabian socialist and Rhodes Scholar (Rothschild front) Bob Hawke's leadership, tried to force a national identity card on all Australians as well.

The Australian Senate knocked the idea on the head and created the TFN (tax file number) system instead to quell the debate about tax cheats.

2010 the so called opposition Liberal Party under the hand of Joe Hockey tried to slip in Fabian Hawke's national identity card under the guise of national security. Supposedly people on the other side of the planet hate our freedoms and privacy, so all Australians have to hand over all their freedoms and privacy to the public servants instead.

Uncle Joe's proposal was also knocked on the head.

Oddly, the same year 2010 seen the introduction of Australian drivers licenses with embedded microchips that store the drives biometric face scan as a unique digital number much like a fingerprint.

Public servants (aka government) aren't allow to take or hold non-criminal Australian citizens fingerprints, yet they are openly digitizing Australian citizens faces using non-government departments in the private sector.

Hitler hired IBM to collect data on his prisoners.

Biometric face scans are being collect in large global data bases to form a global police grid where those like the Fabains and their other "new world order" front group mates can increase their power through total information awareness control.

The servants are becoming masters, and the masters, becoming slaves.
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