Канберра - Air Traffic Controller (Whistleblower) WARNED of impending CRUCIFIXION

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YEP I did lose the lot including my health.
For transcript of audio see clip ATC ML A VERY GOOD CASE
The game of Russian Roulette with YOUR LIFE still goes on........
Ansett is gone , perhaps QANTAS is next.......
YOU BE MY JUDGE...Jury and perhaps EXECUTIONER - I don't give a shit
I doubt very much that there are any men with balls left in Australia who will tell the TRUTH in court against Ansett, Qantas, Air Services Australia, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, BASI and the Federal Attorney Generals Department Senior Management and mid level management of all listed organizations. Those menwho will stand up and be counted will no doubt be crucified also like me which is why they just won't make a stand for decency and honesty and expect ME to go it alone because I have lost everything anyway. This is called cowardice and everyone will eventually suffer if people are not held accountable for their illegal and immoral actions.
Some of you can see that I am speaking the truth and you know that we are all slowly heated frogs at 99 degrees Celsius. The situation is way beyond my own personal quest for justice and restoration of my good name.
DEMOCRACY IS NOT A FREE RIDE MY FRIENDS- Get ANGRY NOW and force public servants and politicians to do the job for which they are handsomely paid. It is time to put THE SERVICE back into the public service and time for the era of Defrauding the Taxpayer and THE PEOPLE to end!
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