Игры - Starcraft 2 Brutal Campaign Walkthrough - 30 - All In (air)

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Starcraft 2 Campaign Walkthrough (Brutal Difficulty)

A run through the campaign at the highest difficulty setting with my suggested mission order and tech path.

You need to decide which version of All In you want to do early on so it will affect your tech/research choices. You can see what changes there are versus the nydus version before the actual mission starts.

Here, not as many tanks as the other version, but you want air forces and goliaths. Hive mind emulators are perfect for bolstering your forces with mutalisks and brood lords. Keep a couple of them at your back as well so you can steal units from there too.

I got a little too lax near the end and lost all my SCVs, but even so I was able to win the day. Once you build a huge number of brood lords kerrigan can get stuck trying to fend off broodlings.
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