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Sorry about the quality of the text when showing clips from inside Hammer, the video is compiled in proper 1920 x 1080, and it looks fine in the wmv file. Youtube makes the text look all pixellated at the moment, I hope they improve the definition as time goes on or I'll move back to 720p.

0:00 - Introduction
0:07 - Pitch Yaw Roll
0:17 - Pitch (If the sun doesn't move where you want it to in-game)
0:32 - Brightness property (Colour of light)
0:55 - Brightness property (Brightness of light)
1:19 - Ambient property (Brightness of shadows)
1:30 - Ambient property (Colours of shadows)
1:36 - BrightnessHDR and AmbientHDR properties (A bit pointless)
1:57 - BrightnessScaleHDR and AmbientScaleHDR (HDR strength)
2:23 - SunSpreadAngle (Making shadows more blurry)
2:38 - Fail

Find a full list of tutorials here:

Any questions? Feel free to ask on the forums!

Visit the above link for this video, but on my website! Okay, it's probably not a very useful link for this video, but it's there in case you need a link to my website.

Visit the below link for the BASICS video, which covers the basics of this topic and should answer any question you have about it.

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