Игры - Let's Play Civilization 5 (Huge Earth Map) - Part 46 - Satellites

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Welcome to Let's Play Civilization 5 with VEM as Spain on Huge Earth Map - Part 46 ! The most significant development in this part is discovering Satellites, which allows me to see the entire world. I also finish off failed Songhai invasion and get into some fights with the Ottomans again. I start building first spaceship part in Paris as well. Thanks for watching!
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About this LP: In this series I'm playing a full game as Spain / Isabella on huge earth map and king difficulty. I'm using some of the popular Civilization 5 mods - Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced Mod also known as VEM, as well as Legendary Earth Mod (which is basically an earth world map). In this Civ 5 playthrough I'll be doing a lot of strategy that involves warmongering gameplay, so expect many wars! It's definitely not going to be a peaceful walkthrough. Every video shows PC gameplay.
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