Игры - Let's Play Civilization 5 (Huge Earth Map) - Part 43

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Welcome to Let's Play Civilization 5 as Spain / Isabella on Huge Earth Map - Part 43! In this part I continue to focus on my economy / research more than before, while keeping my borders with Ottomans and Songhai secure. Some of the highlights of this part include finishing Rocketry research and starting Apollo Program in Paris. Thanks for watching!
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About this LP: In this series I'm playing a full game as Spain / Isabella on huge earth map and king difficulty. I'm using some of the popular Civilization 5 mods - Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced Mod also known as VEM, as well as Legendary Earth Mod (which is basically an earth world map). In this Civ 5 playthrough I'll be doing a lot of strategy that involves warmongering gameplay, so expect many wars! It's definitely not going to be a peaceful walkthrough. Every video shows PC gameplay.
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