Игры - Left 4 Dead 2 With SSoHPKC And AshhBearr Part 16: The Close Finale

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Whats up guys, here is some more left 4 dead 2 videos with Seamus and Ashhbearr as i begin to upload the last 2 hours of our 4 hour session, so i hope you all enjoy! Last Hour GO!

Well that is that, hope you all enjoyed watching me, Seamus and Ash play left 4 dead 2 for you all! I enjoyed it a lot, as playing with friends is always fun.

Anyway So i get to Hulk it up as the tank one last time before the end level so that is fun.

Anyway as everyone knows its the concert level which is always a blast, we do...pretty terribly as we all get badly out of position the entire time...

They do way better than we did and honestly they deserved the final result

Close close game the entire time, great fun overall

Hope you all enjoyed and i hope to do more left 4 dead 2 in the future!

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