Игры - Left 4 Dead 2 With SSoHPKC And AshhBearr Part 14: She Saw Me :(

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Whats up guys, here is some more left 4 dead 2 videos with Seamus and Ashhbearr as i begin to upload the last 2 hours of our 4 hour session, so i hope you all enjoy! Last Hour GO!

Still going along with my new team as we traverse the dark carnival, they win the first round with the damn carousel because i got lost :(

We then move on to the tunnel of love, one of the more interesting levels i guess? I dunno, Ashh and i have an amusing moment with me as a spitter and i spend like 2 minutes camping whoever was playing Ellis as a jockey...for some reason i really wanted to kill him...

hmm... anyway Enjoy we're almost to the end!
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