Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 7: How To Use Arena Mode

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The Gamer Training Institute is a comprehensive learning tool for gamers on VirginGaming.com. These lessons are meant to be viewed in numerical order, so be sure to watch the videos starting with episode 1, and making your way to lesson 37.

Arena Mode

Using Arena Mode allows you to do many things. First, it gives you a one on one with the keeper with no outside pressure. You can test out different types of shots, shot accuracy, and even skill moves.

Beyond the obvious here, the arena mode also allows you to practice games. TO bring this menu up, simply press back on Xbox or select on PS3. In this mode you can practice many different strategies without feeling pressure of being relegated online in the seasons mode. The reason you'd practice a game rather than a regular kick off against the computer is that every time the ball goes out of bounds, you get the throw in or corner. There are also no fouls.

Continuing on here, you can practice custom set pieces. From corners to free kicks, after every play the ball returns to you for you to try again and again without actually playing a game.

Listen, not many gamers know that there is an arena mode outside of 1 on 1 with the keeper. This year in FIFA the game is slowed way down. Scoring chances are severely limited this year, which puts an emphasis on free kicks and corners. You have to be able to score from these to maximize your potential for promotion and winning money on Virgin Gaming.

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