Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 5: How To Pick Your Starting 11

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The Gamer Training Institute is a comprehensive learning tool for gamers on VirginGaming.com. These lessons are meant to be viewed in numerical order, so be sure to watch the videos starting with episode 1, and making your way to lesson 37.

Picking Your Starting 11

Let's go ahead and start with our front 3 here. We're going to put Gomez in at striker, but we don't want Muller in at our wing. We want Ribery and Robben at our wings. Now, Robben is left footed, and we want him to shoot. We could use him to cross the ball, and he is decent at it, but because Gomez isn't a great jumper or have great heading skills here, we're going to rip a shot on goal with Robben.

So again, Robben is left footed. This means we have to put him on the right wing to get his strong foot inside, allowing us better shots on goal. The same is true for Ribery, who conveniently is right footed. We put him on the other side for better shots as opposed to crossing, and use his speed to burn up the field and dribble in from the wings.

For our midfielders here, we have one defensive midfielder and two offensive midfielders. For this reason, we're putting obvious players in obvious positions. Up first is Muller, who is in the left center midfielder position. He's an attacking player, great inside the box but not great at passing. For this reason we're going to scroll down our list of players until we find Kroos.

Kroos is great at shooting, great at passing, and can moderately take the ball away midfield. His long shot atributes mean you should be ripping a shot on goal as soon as the ball hits his foot, and his passing attributes mean you could send a deep lob through ball to Robben or Ribery if your counter attack is drawing down your opponents fullbacks. Kroos is great with either foot, and is a playmaker with the ball. For this reason, he takes Muller's spot.

The right center mid is Schweinstager, and for many of the same reasons as Kroos. Bastian Schweinstager is just as talented striking the ball on goal, but is much better at defending. I won't go into much detail as he is to Kroos what Ribery is to Robben. He's right footed, so put his strong foot on the inside for shots and passes, and Kroos is a five star weak footed player, meaning he plays well with both feet, so we can use his left foot on the inside as well.

Javi Martinez is a big, solid, ox of a midfielder. His position is CDM, or center defensive midfielder, and he's in this spot by default as well. His stamina and strength will allow him to consistently overpower our opponent's attacking players all game long, and his aggression and interceptions will let me take the ball away with ease.

Because we're in a 4-3-3 with Javi Martinez playing further back, when we're playing in the midfield here, the idea is to let Martinez roam on his own, and play a bit back with Kroos and Schweinstager, off the ball and manually. We can click onto Martinez if we have to take control here, but once Javi Martinez gets the ball away, we're looking to pass immediately to Kroos or Schweinstager and let one of those two send the ball up the field. Trying to pass with Martinez will not be very efficient.

Now, to nobody's surprise here, our outside backers, or fullbacks, will be our fastest two defenders. It doesn't matter much if they're both right backers or left backers, just our fastest guys with the most stamina win this position. If you're on a team like Real Madrid and Fabio Coentrao plays to same position as Marcelo, feel free to put both players on the field anyway.

The only thing to note with this position is the strong foot of the players. If you have a left footed outside backer, put him on the left side, so he can play crosses better when our opponent attempts to dribble deep into our territory and up the baseline by our keeper.

Our center backs are going to be our tallest and strongest defenders. Badstuber is 6'3 with good marking and good interception attributes. He's tall and has 83 strength, so he can win headers or at the least make them uncomfortable for opposing players, giving them a less accurate header.

Dante is a unique player. He's basically Badstuber's brother from another mother. He's a mirror image of him. He's one inch shorter, but he has a little bit better stamina, and a higher defensive work rate.

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