Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 4: Formations 101

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The Gamer Training Institute is a comprehensive learning tool for gamers on VirginGaming.com. These lessons are meant to be viewed in numerical order, so be sure to watch the videos starting with episode 1, and making your way to lesson 37.

What you will learn:

• How to choose a formation

Picking a Formation

When going through the team quickly here, you can see that we should play a formation with only one striker in the box by default. Gomez is our best finisher, and has great attacking position. If there's open space, he's going to find it.

Robben and RIbery are probably the fastest combination in the game. They aren't strikers, and they shouldn't be in the middle of the field. Their shooting abilities are also pretty decent, so it's best we put them on the wings in a variation of a 4-3-3 formation.
Our midfielders are well above average. We have two offensive midfielders, and we have one rather defensive midfielder. By playing the 4-3-3 holding formation, we can keep one midfielder back to help with defending, and our other two players can come up and help with an attack when the opportunity arises.

Now, we could actually play a 3-4-2-1 formation. This gives us one striker, and two forwards -- but this doesn't suit our team defensively well at all. We also could play the 3-4-3 flat formation, but again we're looking to have 3 midfielders, and not four. Not for Bayern, anyway.

By default that leaves us with the 4-3-3 formation.

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