Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 33: Penalties

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The Gamer Training Institute is a comprehensive learning tool for gamers on VirginGaming.com. These lessons are meant to be viewed in numerical order, so be sure to watch the videos starting with episode 1, and making your way to lesson 37.

Penalty Kicks

Penalty kicks should be a near automatic goal for your team. In order to take full advantage of these situations though, you have to practice the fundamentals.

Remember, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. You can get lucky and win a match with penalty kicks, especially if the extra time runs out in a match on Virgin Gaming.

For this tutorial we're going to use the skill challenge for penalties in the skill game menu.

Now while we're here you can practice many different approaches. From how hard or soft to strike the ball, to your aiming. There is an aiming cursor for your first three attempts of the skill game as well.

Now while the skill game is a fun way to know where and how to aim, it isn't the only way to practice penalties.

Head back into the Arena and press back or select. Choose set piece, and from there choose penalty kick. Now here you can use the aiming cursor every kick.
The difference between these two is that you can aim in the Arena, but you won't get a real sense of where to aim. For this reason, I suggest practicing both of these examples.

Now while we're here, notice that the aiming target will get larger the harder we strike the ball. The accuracy will be less predictable, and you wouldn't know this unless you practiced your penalties!

There are multiple ways to strike the ball here. The normal straight forward strike, the chip shot which is done just as you would in game - by holding LB or L1, but you can also hold RB or R1 to finesse the ball in.

To make things less predictable, you can fake a shot here. Power up your shot, and when your player makes his run to the ball, power up again. He'll fake his shot and in doing so the keeper may commit to a direction. Use this extra split second to aim in the opposite direction for an easy goal.

Penalties, like all fundamentals should be mastered. When you feel like you can't learn anything new in FIFA 13, it's a great practice to go back over the fundamentals. Experts in every sport do this, and if you take your virtual FIFA game seriously, you will too.

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