Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 29: Complete Game Breakdown

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The Gamer Training Institute is a comprehensive learning tool for gamers on VirginGaming.com. These lessons are meant to be viewed in numerical order, so be sure to watch the videos starting with episode 1, and making your way to lesson 37.

Complete Game Breakdown

There's not a ton to say about this tutorial. I wanted to show you all of the concepts together in one video.

I won't be able to touch on every single point, and not always will every tutorial surface. With that said, I want you to pay attention to playing defense. I want you to pay attention to letting the opponent in deep before breaking up field in a counter attack. I want you to watch the passing, and the lob through balls. I want you to watch the way that we play sound defense so it doesn't matter if we turn the ball over.

Yes there will be mistakes. Yes we will have played recklessly on offense. Remember, that's the style -- my style -- in FIFA 13.

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