Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 26: End of Game Strategy While Winning

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End of Game Strategy While Winning

At the end of the game if you find yourself fortunate enough to be winning, I have a very specific set of instructions for you.

Do not change your game style. You're winning for a reason! A lot of gamers will start to play the ball back and try really hard to keep the ball away from the opponent. A lot of gamers will dribble down into the corner and eat up the time.

I do not want you to do this. You get tense. You start to play outside of your comfort level. You start to play not to lose.

This is different than playing to win.

Now a couple of things that you can do is avoid corner kicks. By all costs. your entire team comes up for the kick, and you're unnecessarily left vulnerable to a counter attack. For this reason it's a good idea to have a special custom set piece for defensive corner kicks. We'll get more into that in the custom set piece section.

The other thing you can do is change your quick tactics on the D Pad. Press back on the D Pad, and set it to a more defensive position. This will help prevent your players from coming up too high.

The last thing, and perhaps the most important thing to do here is to change formations.
When you get the ball, pause the game, choose a 5 defender formation, set your quick tactics to defensive, and continue to play low risk high reward ball by bringing back a midfielder to help on defense, and by building up any counter attack as quick as you can.

You're going to get complains. It's true. It's a terrible thing to play against 5 defenders and a midfielder. But it wins, and winning is all that matters.

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