Игры - GTI FIFA 13 LESSON 23: Scoring In the Box

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Scoring In the Box

To score inside of the box you should know two things - the opportunity is rare so you had better get the shot off quickly, and the only attribute that matters here is finishing, as far as striking the ball.

Now with that said, the opportunities are rare for two reasons, the game is slowed way down this year, and we aren't trying to build it up too much when we counter attack. That's not in our play style. In fact, if we build it up too much we leave ourselves susceptible for a counter attack that our opponent can make on us. We don't really want that, so we'll rarely find ourselves in a position where we're inside the box and taking our time to shoot.

With that said, when we do shoot, we aren't doing anything fancy. My favorite shot is the bottom corner. Very simply tap the shoot button and choose a corner, and the ball will go in a good majority of the time.

The attributes that matter here is finishing, which you should know by now is accuracy of shots inside of the box. For some reason this year the keepers just play the finesse shot better in the box, and the ball just doesn't seem to have the space to curve.

In either situation you have to get the shot off quickly. There are so many things that can go wrong -- from a keeper charging out, or you getting pressured by two defenders, or the fact that to get a shot off this year feels like forever with such a big wind up, that when you first start playing you're going to find yourself with the ball at your feet, attempting a shot, and getting tackled or the ball taken away.

For this reason, as I mentioned my favorite shot, I would just tap the B button and choose a corner as soon as the ball hits your feet.

Oh -- and don't attempt any nifty skill moves in this area. It's a great way to turn the ball over as skill moves aren't really effective this year.

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